Get unstuck with money:

  • Examine your money mindset: how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotion about money influence your behaviour

  • Increase your financial capability - the practical side of positive money management

In a coaching session, using established coaching tool and techniques, we’ll work on:

  • your goals – where you want to get to

  • your reality – where are you now

  • your options for taking action

  • your commitment to taking action and your plan for when things go wrong

Friends are great but because they want to solve your problem they’re quick to give advice. As a coach, I ask questions and listen, listen, listen to the answers, summarise, paraphrase, reflect – ‘pulling’ the solution to your problem from you. Because the truth is that often, we all know the answers deep down.




The Five-Step Guide to Mastering Your Money is my 30-minute online video course for, the award-winning, online learning platform for career and business training courses.

In my 30-minute course learn:

  • How your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotion about money influence your money behaviour;

  • Why tracking your spending is key to knowing where your money goes;

  • How a budget can help you stay in control of your money;

  • How to set financial goals and commit to achieving them;

  • The benefit of reviewing your progress.

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The Money Charity is the UK’s financial capability charity. I deliver its free interactive, financial education workshops, to 11-19-year-olds in schools and colleges in South Wales and the South West of England, helping pupils build good money management skills and knowledge.

“Talia delivers our money workshops to 11-19-year-olds and does a fantastic job. Her delivery is engaging, her passion for the topic is evident and she has very good rapport with the students.” 
Steph Hayter, Head of Young People Programmes, The Money Charity




I’m a journalist and writer with 13 years’ industry experience, having written for some of the biggest media organisations, including the BBC. I produce sparkling copy to deadline. I’m available for commissions on all thing money matters, personal finance, and consumer affairs.